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Home Inspection

Home inspection can save the home owner hundreds or thousands of dollars per year in energy efficiency. 

Drone Inspection

FAA Certified drone inspection with infrared/thermal imaging to show heat lost and where you home can improve.

Mold Removal

Remove mold from your home is your only option for better health.  If you have mold you need to remove it quickly.

Radon Testing

Colorless orderless and very poisonous to your health and your family.  The leading cause of lung-cancer is preventable.

Child Safety Inspection

Certified home inspector for child safety.  Things often over-looked by home owners can save your child from hurting themselves.

ProLeads for Contractors

Qualified contractors are encouraged to search for open requests from home owners that are looking for the best deals.

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Cosmetic flaw and minor issues are fixable.  Being proactive vs. reactive is what being a building or home owner is all about.  It's your biggest investment and your business to stay on top of your ownership.

Some of the issues that we often see while doing a home or building inspection are the following.

  1. Rundown Roofing
  2. Drainage Issues
  3. Faulty Foundation
  4. Plumbing Problems
  5. Pest Infestations
  6. Hidden Mold
  7. Failing Heating Systems
  8. Electrical Wiring
  9. Structural Damage
  10. Poorly Maintained Condition

The bottom line is that it's often stressful for both the seller and buyer when the inspection doesn't go their way.  However, with the many years of experience in the construction industry many home or building issues are all preventable.  Minor tweaks can improve the longevity of your investment.

We often hear from owners that they don't have the know-hows to fix or never have the time.  This is common for many owners so if in doubt it's always wise to hire a handyman or ask a friend to help fix and teach you during the process.  But it comes down to being pro-active.

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