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Videos are a helpful way to teach both home owners and small business owners about things to consider when purchasing or owning your biggest investment.
Welcome to PKMS.Services
Welcome to PKMS.Services where we help small business merchants and home owners find the perfect company that are reliable and better then average customer reviews and service.
Virtual Tour
Save time and travel expenses when traveling to your next showings. When time is limited and wanting another opinion your agent can share with you real online 360° video.
Sewer Borescope Inspection
For existing or new home buyers, be sure to include a sewer scope in your list of standard inspections. 99% of new home owners forget to ask for a sewer inspection.
Water Test
The question we always get is why get a water test. Simply put, water enters the body more than threw your mouth. You shower/bathe in water, you wash your dishes, you drink it and it’s also in most of all drinks that you purchase.
Radon Test
Radon gas is produced as uranium, thorium, and other radioactive elements release into the atmosphere from dirt and rocks. Exposure to high levels of radon can damage the lungs and ultimately lead to lung cancer.
Full Home Measurements
The importance of getting your measured from roof to foundation is important to have for your next home project. Why? read more...
Mold Test
Mold is another issue that can cause health problems for your family. Children at the age of five and younger tend to put things in their mouth including those little fingers that touched the window sill that may have mold spoors. This is common on older wood windows and trim.
Air Quality Test
The quality of the air you breather has a huge impact on the health of you and your family. PKMS Home inspectors provides air quality tests for your home.
Door-to-Door Knockers
Canvassers and door-to-doors sales are two separate things that are often confused as being the same thing.
Lighting Requirements
All habitable spaces are required to have a source of light. What is less commonly understood is that any area used for storage must also be lit, and any area that houses mechanical equipment must have illumination, too.
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