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Most people do not give the thought to attic temperature because most do not understand the importance of attic temperature.  To be frank, your attic is a crucial part of your home just like your foundation.  Without proper ventilation, in your attic, your home will suffer higher than normal heat gain in the summer and colder temps during the winter, especially for homes that are two stories.

Attic temperature is one of the most misunderstood areas of the home especially when it comes to house care.

Attic temperatures should be as close to outdoor temperatures as possible.  During the summer months, your attic will be like a greenhouse generating heat continually from morning to evening.  The attic temperature should be 10-20 degrees warmer than the outside temperature in the summer. Attic temperatures over130 degrees Fahrenheit can cause premature age to shingles causing them to curl and pull away from your decking boards.  In addition, it will overwork your HVAC systems, and cause high energy bills.

Ventilation Deatils

During the winter months due to the premature aging of your shingles will cause snow to melt away quickly causing ice damming, roof leakage, and gutter damage


When considering a roofing contractor it is always best to see how they conduct themselves. Just measuring your roof and giving you an estimate isn’t putting into consideration the other variables like proper insulation of your soffit, baffles, and ridge venting based on the square footage of your attic to the ratio of the amount of ventilation that every attic needs to proper ventilation

When thinking about ventilation let me put it this way; when driving your vehicle down the road on a hot summer day open your driver’s side window about 2 inches without your AC on.  When you take into consideration the amount of square footage inside your car vs. your attic it may be that a 2” gap is more than what your attic is receiving when it comes to ventilation.

The point that I want to make is that your attic; like your car is baking and temperatures are enough to cause a heat stroke with you in the car with a 2” gap just imagine what your attic is like with less ventilation being the ratio between your car and your attic.

I feel that I’m beating a dead horse when I talk with homeowners and contractors about ventilation because I often find that what I have to offer in positive suggestions falls on deaf ears. 

Help to get Results

The end result is that the homeowner is going to replace their roof with a 50-year shingle in 20 years. 

A contractor that is master certified elite in roofing will offer a 50-year warranty but when it’s time to call in a claim due to improper ventilation will depreciate the value of your roof when it comes to insurance and the company that installed the roof will often lack the responsibility in paying for the damage…

Another point that I want to make is that the number one complaint when it comes to home improvements is contractors promising the homeowner that they have the best product and when it comes to service when an issue arises little if any support is generated.

Maintaining attic temperature isn’t easy at first.  However, when you have the basics with a working soffit and baffles along with a proper ridge vent your energy bills are in good shape. 

As we answered earlier, when it’s hot outside (70 degrees or warmer), you should make sure your attic temp doesn’t go above the outside temperature by more than 10-20 degrees. Hot attics cause many problems. Just remember your attic temperature should match the outdoor temperature closely. 

Attics are often looked at as the most unnecessary part of a house. It’s used as “an old warehouse,” You throw in things you might need in the future (but never actually use again).

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