Sewer Borescope Inspection

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Sewer Borescope Inspection

For existing or new home buyers, be sure to include a sewer scope in your list of standard inspections. 99% of new home owners forget to ask for a sewer inspection. Your Home Inspector will tell you the condition of the pipes, sewers, and even nearby roots that have grown under the home which will play a huge role additional costs for home maintenance. This should never deter you from purchasing your next home, but it can certainly be a bargaining chip for your agent to be creative in representing you as their client.
At the same time, if you’ve been living in your home for many years, you may not know when it’s time to get an inspection or that significant and costly issues are even occurring. Discover the top signs your house may be telling you it’s time for a sewer inspection.
Things To Remember
Home that is older than 45 years
Homes that are older than forty-five years tend to have large trees on their property that often grow under the foundation of the home. There are some trees that when growing their roots grow downward vs. horizontally. When roots get under the foundation of the home can cause some serious plumbing issues causing the pipe to crack where roots will grow in the pipe itself.
Strange Odors
The first serious sign of a sewer issue is a strange smell permeating through your home. Why does this happen? When your sewer drain or pipe is cracked or has a leak, it emits methane gas, radon, and bacteria. It also lets leftover waste in your pipe leak out. This noxious combination creates that nasty sewer smell. If any rooms in your home start smelling like a sewer, schedule a sewer scope inspection immediately.
Sewer Backups
If your sewer is clogged it could be due to pipe issues. Even worse, if sewage or dirty water starts coming back up it would be smart to investigate why and find a home inspector that has the tools to inspect your sewer. Your inspector can figure out why you’re experiencing clogs and backups so it doesn’t happen again.
There is a solution and should never be a deal breaker
Find A home inspector

During a sewer scope, a trained and certified InterNACHI home inspector from PKMS Services will attach a special borescope camera to a cable. The cable then goes through your home’s pipes. As the camera travels through the pipes, your inspector watches its journey on an external monitor. The camera will identify cracks, collapses, root intrusions, and any other noticeable issues. After the inspection is complete, your Home Inspector can walk you through the footage and report, elaborating on specific areas of concern and potential remedies. This is practically helpful because if you know where the cracks are could eliminate additional construction costs; for example, a tree in the front yard cracked your drainage pipe leading to the road. Instead of cutting the concrete in your basement to find the crack the contractor would instead dig up the front yard and replace the broken pipe.

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For existing or new home buyers, be sure to include a sewer scope in your list of standard inspections. 99% of new home owners forget to ask for a sewer inspection.
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