Full Home Measurements

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Full Home Measurement

Every homeowner will eventually get a new roof, windows, and siding. This adds value to your home but it's also important to have your home inspector measure your home. So if and when you are ready to tackle you next home improvement you should have all the measurements that you'll need to make sure your next contractor is honest.
To-the-inch accuracy on all complete exterior measurements including all roofing, siding, windows, surface areas, and openings.
measurement drawing
Single or Multi-Family Homes
Single-family homes, townhomes, and multi-family residential properties. Tight lot lines, urban or rural areas even with some vegetation or obstructions.
Full home construction
Send invitations to new or existing homeowners to their email complete measurements before your first meeting.
Confident male realtor shows potential homeowners a view from the living room windows in the home.
Interactive 3D Model
All the measurements and drawings of each elevation a home improvement professional needs. Soffit, fascia, and flashing are all easily viewed leading to faster, more accurate, and transparent estimations.
Home Measurements
Protecting The Client

For a fraction of what your next project will cost you...

Lets be honest. Not all salespeople would get the same exact measurements for the same project. Lets take your roof for example. You have two contractors that measure your roof. One says your home is 27 square and the second says 29 square. When the cost per square can range from $559 to $2000 can cost the homeowner more then what they should pay for.
Getting your entire home measured protects your wallet and it keeps the sales guy off your roof. Remember safety first... Plus it keeps everyone honest 🙂

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The importance of getting your measured from roof to foundation is important to have for your next home project. Why? read more...
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