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In most 95% of the time, home inspectors are really good at finding safety-related or potential hazardous issues with a home.  Home inspection reports are typically written software with a step-by-step guide for the home inspector to follow.  However, the software that most use doesn't mean that anyone can use and follow the step-by-step guide and consider it a home inspection.

Home inspectors are trained professionals that have a trained eye to see things differently than someone that doesn't do home inspections regularly.  Home inspectors all come from different backgrounds and by large are skilled in some areas like electrical then perhaps heating units that are installed.

Confident male realtor shows potential homeowners a view from the living room windows in the home.

Now, this doesn't mean that home inspectors that have a vast knowledge of electrical are incompetent in heating units it just means that they will meet the requirements of heating systems in the home at a professional level but may go above and beyond in the electrical areas of the home; both are considered acceptable.

PKMS Inspectors know their surrounding areas very well including what companies they would hire and not hire.  This is where we separate ourselves from other home inspectors because we have several videos explaining each step in the process of the home inspection.

Let me explain. During the home inspection, we encourage our clients to be there during the home inspection so we can explain what we are looking at and perhaps help educate them during the inspection process.  The software that we use is created in-house and is built for a set of requirements that after the inspection a full report is sent to the client.  However, clients that are not able to make the inspection are not left-out our reports are easy to read and follow with several factors that separate our reporting techniques vs. what is produced in the industry. 

Our reports will have several QR-Codes/URLs that will link to our videos on the DIY level that will explain each step in the process in how a typical homeowner can fix themselves vs. hiring someone to do the work for you rather than just leave a few of "Recommended A Professional For Further Evaluation..."

That alone on a report can break the deal or be used as a bargaining deal with the seller.

Now, like many home inspectors that all come from many different backgrounds we know that home buyers also come have many different backgrounds and while some are handy, others may be more analytical and would look at the home inspection report differently than someone that says "I Can Do That Myself!" 

Nothing is wrong with either one.  We need both in our world to become better each day and I see a huge benefit for each...

Buiding Inspector completing an inspection form on clipboard beside new build construction

The main difference that we provide for our clients regardless of skill is not only videos on how to do much of the work themselves but also provide companies that meet certain criteria that are beneficial to our community in addition to the help videos/URLs so they can reach out and request a quote.

My name is Raymond Victorell and I'm the leading software developer and a certified home inspector (InterNACHI) while serving as an inspector I often feel that there is so much more that we as home inspectors can do for our clients that is easy to understand, educational, and fun.  Knowledge is power and besides that alone is biblical it's also a fact...

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Home inspection reports should give their clients better explanation then the industry standard with a vague response in their visual observation...
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