Referral Program

Thank You!


It’s our way of saying THANK YOU to those who spread the word about us.

The Referral Rewards Program is offered to anyone who wants to share their experience with others about Safe House, get paid, and save their friends money on Safe House services.

It’s SO easy! Who do you know? 

When your friends and associates are ready to buy or sell their home and need an inspection send them the link below and ask them to add your name and email in the referred by section and they can complete scheduling their home inspection.


Fill out a small form and we will reach out to your referral. If and when they use our services we will reward your service with a $100 gift card.

Send Referral
No Limitation

Referral are always reward with a gift card no matter how many qualifing reffers given...

Ontime Delivery

Payments are given immediately by snail mail.

Terms and Conditions Apply:

- There is a limit of one referral inspection.

- Referral rewards will only be issued to the referring person or organization and will not be forwarded to anyone else.

- Referred clients must complete and pay for a home inspection service for the reward to be issued.

- Due to the potential Conflict of Interest, real estate agents, brokers, and any and all parties involved in the sale or transaction or that may have a vested interest in the property are not eligible for the referral gift.

- We reserve the right to change or cancel the Referral Rewards Programs at any time without notice.

- Referral Rewards are only paid on full home inspection packages. Not valid on ancillary services

- You cannot refer yourself for the reward program

- Void where prohibited by law or violate any code of ethics.

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