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Have you thought about doing something with your ceiling? If you like most homes, most homeowners concentrate on the walls and flooring.  But what about the ceiling?  Besides the lighting and perhaps a ceiling fan why not add a little jazz into your home with an attractive ceiling.


Our ceiling tiles are versatile and add a decorative enhancement to your home?


Adding our panels and or tiles is becoming increasingly popular amongst interior designers and home decorators alike. Not only do they add a unique touch to any room, but tin ceiling tiles are also easily recyclable, promoting eco-friendly and sustainable living. They can provide an entire ceiling makeover and change the look of your space.


Here are some ideas for creating an inviting and unique ceiling to your home...

Indoor Tin Ceiling Tile Ideas...


When you think of panels or tiles, your first instinct is most likely to use these indoors. This makes sense, considering they are primarily used as decorative pieces to your home.


However, don’t think that you’re restricted to only using your panels or tiles on your ceiling. Here are several different ways that you can add tin ceiling tiles to a variety of different spaces to your house to give it that extra wow factor.


Let’s start with the most obvious use for tin panels and or tiles -- your ceiling!


Paneling and or Tiling don’t have to create a bold statement. Depending on the type of tile you choose, they could give your room a more subtle look, while still catching the eye of anyone who enters.


The style of ceiling tiles you use can determine the overall theme of any room. Original vintage tiles will give your room a rustic and more industrial feel, whereas smoother, less detailed tiles will give a room a more sophisticated look. You can even paint your tiles for a more contemporary and refined look.

For most homes, people tend to texture their walls with plaster or even use wallpaper.  Well, using panels or tiles can easily replace your wallpaper or your textured walls to liven up any room.


Adding unique panels or tiles to your walls is another great idea if you want to add and attract even more attention than they would on the ceiling, and is much less complicated to install.


Depending on how you want the room to look, you don’t have to stick with only one type of tin paneling or tile. For additional uniqueness, play around with mixing and matching colors, patterns, and textures.


Young man inside his light kitchen fixing wall pannels using rubber hammer. Craftsman renovating his kitchen himself, fixing white pannel on the wall



You can’t underestimate the wonders a good backsplash can do for your kitchen or how workshop, laundry room, or even your bathroom, making it one of the best paneling or tile ideas to implement into your home.


Paneling or tiles can make for great backsplashes mainly due to how easy they are to clean. Remove food stains from these tiles with a simple damp cloth.


Even better, they’re also fire resistant, so you don’t have to worry about any extra harm happening from an accident in the kitchen.


There are several paneling and tiles ideas to match your kitchen’s scheme. If you find a pattern you like but don’t like the finish, simply paint it to perfectly match your kitchen.

Not every paneling or tile idea needs to serve a functional purpose. Any paneling or tiles that your choose from are so unique, and well-crafted that they can often be considered pieces of art. So why not display them as such?


You have several options when it comes to displaying your paneling or tile projects as art. Firstly, you can simply create a display of your panels or tiles and hang it above your fireplace or as a centerpiece on your living room table.


Another option is to create a wall hanging using a variety of tiles. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different designs, colors, and sizes. This is your opportunity to show off your artistic skills and be as creative as you’d like. When you’re done, hang it from the wall using string or twine.


Portrait of mixed-race young woman dressed in casual wear drawing art sketches on clipboard

Outdoor Tin Ceiling Tile Ideas...


You may be surprised to learn that panels and tiles don’t only have to be used indoors. There are several different ways that you can use to decorate the spaces around your house outside.


Here are a few outdoor ideas to get you started on enhancing the outside of your home.

Outside areas like your porch can add value and attraction that are not restricted to be used for indoor ceilings.


Do you have a porch? If so, why not add some outside value that will also increase your home's value? Simple paneling and or tiles make a great addition to any front or back porch to make the time you spend relaxing there that much more interesting. Take this up as a morning DIY project and enjoy your new porch ceiling with a glass of lemonade by the afternoon.

Your Porch...

rustic screen porch with forest and waterfront view

Outdoor Kitchen Backsplash...

Caucasian couple in kitchen of converted barn home

Having an outdoor kitchen brings your barbecues to a new level. So why not bring this entire space to a new level?


The material you use for your outdoor kitchen should be attractive but durable and paneling or tiles are just that. They’re easy to install so you can spend less time working on your DIY project and more time on the grill.

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Have you thought about doing something with your ceiling? If you like most homes, most homeowners concentrate on the walls and flooring. But what about the ceiling? Besides the lighting and perhaps a ceiling fan why not add a little jazz into your home with an attractive ceiling.
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