Steel Roof. Is it forever a solution?

The question always comes up when consumers are looking for a maintenance-free home and often, they are looking for a one-time solution.  The problem with many companies is that they all claim to have the best product in the roofing industry; but do they really?

Common morals and ethics when it comes to salespeople are not really that they are telling you a book of lies or things that you want to hear but rather how they're trained.  Most people especially today are taught to memorize answers to tests throughout their schooling career.  Rarely are they taught to think for themselves.  However, on the contrary, consumers rely on experts for advice and what not to get all their questions answered.

Metal roofing continues to grow in popularity due to its style, durability, maintenance-free when compared to roofing materials such as asphalt, fiberglass, and wood. Some metal roofing products are stone-coated which looks more like traditional asphalt or fiberglass roofing. Over time, those granules wear off and can accumulate in your gutters. In contrast, EDCO’s Infiniti metal roofing uses a thermal fusing process that prevents particles from wearing off and collecting in your gutters.

So, let’s talk about the four types of metal roofing that seem to take precedence in the consumer market, and we’ll let you decide for yourself what is best for your biggest investment.

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Metal roofing is a maintenance free and long lasting. The cost for a metal roof may cost more but in the long run it would save you thousands of dollars.
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