The Dangers that Lurk on the Roofs

Mold –The black and dark green blotches leave a rather rancid smell and has a wet, slimy appearance. Mold can have a serious health hazardous effect on the occupants if not address properly and quickly.


It is tradition to want to pass the house down to the owner’s son or daughter as life passes by. The proud parents who have worked their entire life, wanting to help their children and leave behind a bit of fortune for them. Unfortunately, if the owner neglected taking care of the roof, then this dream has become the successor or next owners’ nightmare.

Many homeowners overlook the maintenance on their roof and will find mold damage has festered past the shingles and started to damage the structure of the roof and leave behind a mess to deal with.

Moss – This greenish fuzzy creature adds a desirable appeal to the rooftops on the right style of house but what lies beneath the beauty has detrimental effects on the roof. Moss spreads quickly under the right conditions and carries with it heavy amounts of moisture that can lead to wood rot once it penetrates past the protected barrier.

Green moss on slate roof tiles

Algae – This grows rapidly when exposed to climates of dampness and humidity. It will eat away at shingles and lead to roof rot. 

mildew roofing

Mildew – Mildew is the fastest growing fungus. Like mold, mildew can be catastrophic to one’s health if left exposed to this for to long. 

Look up and do not take your roof for granted. For your family’s health and the roof integrity these funguses thrive on moisture. If your roof has poor drainage, or even tall trees that tower over the roof top leaving a lack of sun to dry up the morning dew or rain, one or several of these funguses could be growing and eating away. Give your roof a good check up every year and have a inspection done to make sure the integrity of your roof is strong and intact. Keep the gutters clean, branches trimmed, and the ridge vents clean so the roof can breathe.

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The biggest trials for roofs and attics are mold, algae, moss, and mildew.
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