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Residential Home Inspector

Full home inspection done by State certified inspectors

Helpful Reporting Solutions

Inspection reports that help you find/fix common issues (DIY)

Standardized Reporting Practice

Radon, Water & Air PKMS Inspector at no extra costs

Local Reputable Contractors

Can't be a (DIY) no worries our network will help you find one

Serving you better and building healthier communities one home at a time.

Always Room for Improvement

If you're spending tens of thousands of dollars for a home why wouldn't you hire a qualified home inspector for less than $500?

We would always recommend having a parent or friend with you during the open house especially if you are serious about putting an offer on the table.  However, unless your parent, friend, or spouse are familiar with industry standards of practice you should always hire a third-party inspector.  They are non-bias and they gain nothing whether the home is in perfect condition or not.  Trust us, it's worth every penny.

Inspection @ Your Service

By hiring a PKMS certified home inspector we offer services to homeowners that come standard to our business.  Let us give you an example.  According to InterNACHI and industry standards of practice, home inspectors are to report everything that is or could be a safety hazard.  Then if this is true, the air we breathe and the water we drink should be tested.  If radon is known to cause lung cancer and poor drinking water can cause kidney and liver issues wouldn't this be considered a safety hazard?  Why pay extra to have the basics covered when clearly this is a health and potential safety issue?


PKMS Inspectors as a standard practice will always do a full radon test as part of the home inspection.  In addition, we will pull the latest water report and test the water based on the parts per million (PPM) and we will also monitor air quality throughout the entire home.

Online Comprehensive Reports

Designed for new home owners to be able to read comprehensive home inspection reports

Home Water Report

Comprehensive water report based on your county and a PPM measurement.

Constant Communication

From start to finished we help our customers stay informed during the inspection.

Radon Report

Odorless, colorless and invisible gas that can cause serious health issues

360° Infrared

PKMS is the only home inspector that does a full 360° of infrared room-to-room inspection

Air Quality

Comprehensive air quality analysis designed to provided useful information air quality

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Our Home Inspection Report
OFFERS Reputable Businesses
Help Is On The Way

Finding a good company can be hard to find.  PKMS.Services believes that a one-time investment for longer solutions makes business sense.

This is why we search for reputable companies that are customer-focused with better than average installers whether it's windows, doors, roofing, siding, masonry, etc... 

  • Better Then Average Customer Service
  • Been in Business for 10+ years
  • Trained & Talented Professionals
  • Rank Higher then B+ on the BBB
  • Ranked High on Google, Yelp, and other ranking platforms
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Simply Put...

Finding Great Contractors Shouldn't Be So Hard

Our dedicated direct sales agents will work with your small business or with the homeowner and find the best contractor within your area.

Here are some painful and yet easy to understand facts.

FACT #1:  There are a lot of great reputable companies more than willing to do the work.

FACT #2: There are also a lot of really bad companies more than willing to do the same type of work.

FACT #3: There are currently no laws that prevent companies or contractors from not meeting the industry standards of practice.  In other words, they can create another business name make it legal, and yet the same people doing bad for the consumer.

FACT #4: Contractors can add up to 40% in addition to the quoted price.

FACT #5: One of the biggest complaints from homeowners is working with what they thought was a good and reputable company.

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