Building Stronger Communities
Reputable results.

Dedicated direct sales representatives earning a living one household at a time.  Finding reputable contractors for all of their home improvement needs.

Residential & Commercial

Finding the right contractor for within your local area.

Analysis of Financial Documents

Prescreening and verifying reputable & reliable businesses.

Meeting Strict Requirements

Consumers need great customer service.

Contractor History Review

Weeding out bad businesses & contractors.

Serving us to serve you better
Consumer Services
Direct Sales Transparency

Our dedicated team of direct sales representatives works hard to serve the communities one home or business at a time.  Finding a verifiable and reputable contractor giving the home or small business owner a real shot of better than average customer service and products. 

Online Base ProLeads

Designed for contractors to choose their jobs on their terms instead of getting randomly selected leads.

Tell us what your small business or home needs

From here your direct sales will do the rest in searching from a pool of qualified contractors and they will handle the rest.

Constant Communication

From start to finished we help our customers stay informed with either text messages or audio recordings.

We will match your needs with a reputable contractor

Your direct sales agent will match you with local reputable and reliable contractors that put you first.

Employee Profile

Our employees are real people and they hold themselves accountable to under promise and over deliver results.

From Start to Finish, we've got your message.

When your direct sales agent ques down your needs they are now working for you as your consultant.

home improvement engineering
Our Direct Sales is your
Knocking Down Doors & Results Driven

Finding a good company can be hard to find.  PKMS.Services believes that a one-time investment for longer solutions makes business sense.

This is why we search for reputable companies that are customer-focused with better than average installers whether it's windows, doors, roofing, siding, masonry, etc... 

  • Better Then Average Customer Service
  • Rank Higher then B+ on the BBB
  • Been in Business for 10+ years
  • Trained & Talented Professionals
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Home Ownership 700x700

American Society of Home Inspectors


National Association of Remodeling Industry

Finding Great Contractors Shouldn't Be So Hard

Our dedicated direct sales agents will work with your small business or with the homeowner and find the best contractor within your area.

Here are some painful and yet easy to understand facts.

FACT #1:  There are a lot of great contractors willing to do the work.

FACT #2: There are also a lot of really bad contractors.

FACT #3: There are currently no laws citing the authentic craftsmanship of a business doing work for you.  In other words, they can create another LLC under another name every week and yet continue to do bad business.

FACT #4: Contractors can add up to 40% in addition to the quoted price.

Real People Like You
CUSTOMER testimonial
Weeding Out Fake Reviews With Real Ones
New home owner for about two years.  Had several quotes from multiple companies but never was sold on a great product for my home.  PKMS.Services helped in finding the right company for all of my handiman needs.
single mother of one home owner
Celina Martin Single Mom

Great company offering great services for those that don't have the time to do projects around the house.

single dad home onwer
Tony Smith Customer

I didn't know that there were canvassers that offer supporting solutions for good construction companies but at the same time finding great solutions for business owners.

happy customer
Alena Due Business Person
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Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors

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Ceiling Tile Professionals

FAA Drone Certified

Licensed Drone Pilots

Proleads for contractors throughout Wisconsin.

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